Minnesuing Sanitary District

If your property lies within the perimeter defined by County Highways P, L, and Minnesuing Acres Drive, you are a member of the district. These properties are near or adjacent to Lake Minnesuing and what affects your property can directly affect Lake Minnesuing. Properties are within the towns of both Bennett and Hawthorne. Meetings, open to all district members, are generally held the 3rd Monday of each of the months May through October. The meetings are held at the Bennett Town Hall at the NW corner of County Highway L and Highway 53 beginning at 7 pm.

Your LMSD Board members and Officers are:

Joe Dusek, President
Telephone (218) 590-8981

Mark Frederickson, Treasurer
Telephone (218) 391-2152

Debbie Anderson
Telephone (715) 817-3819
Email - davoiceovers@gmail.com